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The White Papers

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Openesque white papers are like most white papers: they discuss a particular topic in some depth. And, like most white papers, they tend to be revised and updated only when people actually read them and provide feedback on them. At the very bottom of each, in small font, is a CVS tag with the revision date. You may want to check that if you're coming back to get a copy or refer a friend to one of these.


What Openesque LLC is all about: our operating principles. Pragmatic, not dogmatic. Simpler is better. Document. That's pretty much it. ;-)
BIND 9 without slaves
How to set up a group of BIND 9 servers to synchronize zones (and configurations) without using AXFR, by using rsync and ssh.
Introduction to OpenSSH (and PuTTY)
What's all this GPL stuff, anyhow?
Openesque's take on the GPL, Richard Stallman, and "GNU/Linux."
Sysadmin 101
Assorted bits of wisdom on the art of system administration.
E-mail and instant messaging
How to use, and how to not use, these tools in a business environment.
Group scheduling software
Groupwise and friends: it seemed like a good idea at the time…
Discussing assorted attempts to replace sound management with unsound technology.