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Open and Embedded Systems

Light Reading

The company philosophy and operating principles of Openesque LLC. (In a nutshell: "Pragmatic, not dogmatic." and "Simpler is better… more usable and more reliable.")

The Openesque white paper set has been resurrected from its unlinked-to depths on the web server. The papers are still good for what they're good for. ;=)

Openesque LLC designs and develops embedded and open systems. We use both open-source and proprietary development tools. Our track record shows we create innovative, practical, maintainable systems that are popular with our clients and, more importantly, with our clients' customers.

With all due discretion, we will be happy to discuss more details with you.

Free Initial Consultation

Initial consultations are always free… you decide whether to continue working with Openesque — we believe you will be pleased with the results!

State of the Company

Openesque LLC (2001-2016)

In June 2016, Ron Oliver closed down his one-man band, Openesque LLC, to work for QNX. Thanks to everyone who supported Openesque for almost 15 years. I don't have the words to express my gratitude to you, and I wish you all the best.
--Ron Oliver, July 29, 2016

IT System Solutions

Our company focus has grown naturally towards software and system development. But Openesque was created to provide open-source IT system solutions, and we are still available to do so. We have many resources to help you solve your problems.

Web Development

For web site work, we typically refer customers to External Design. They produced this minimalist site for us, as well as many others for a wide variety of clients and subjects.